My way :

"I paved my way from the classroom of Educationists who have commercialised education . Rather now this has become a profitable business for few of them . Parents are helpless as of now there is no one to speak from their desk. But the schools are minting money.

The Huge non-refundable yearly ransoms (sorry I will not call it the so called admission fee ) are taken and overnight the skyscrapers are built. Selling books .Trust me thanks god they are not building publishing houses overnight.

But alas big time commissions from book agents coming into their pockets .The uniforms are being provided from one store quality of uniforms is like roads of Mumbai. In an year the child grows to scream "Mom My uniform goes rugs".

How does it matter ?

- The school is yet ready to direct you to same stores and finally they make money out of every uniform or books sold .

Simple raise your voice - NOW OR NEVER.

The communication skills of children are pathetic foundation is zero .Altogether the kids have to be sent to tuition classes. So what has been taught in school ???

So the graph is like :

And your child who was very beloved of yours is now in the world of competition IIT JEE or in Queue of becoming a doctor ..but ultimately gets a bank job or becomes a frustrated teacher .

Grow up - You need to raise your voice against this. Right to education is our mission for every child .

- Deepti Sutaria

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Disclaimer :- These are the words of the above mentioned person if any resemblance or similarity of words in response to any situation event or incident entities or persons or with any educational institutions is purely co-incidental whether living or dead , institutions working or non-working .

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